Untitled Wave
Artist: Ciph Diggy
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Mar 30, 2010
Total Length: 1:00:20
Retail: $12.99
Today: $9.99

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The "Untitled Wave" is a sudden change in thought, an epiphany without warning. It is clarity, that causes a ripple, affecting anything submerged. "Untitled Wave" harnesses the power of the planet's element 'water' in a non destructive form using sound as a vessel to travel and impact unsuspecting listeners. Similar to a disaster of nature, it will leave a lasting impression. A constant reminder to whomever has experienced or witnessed its occurrence.

Ciph Diggy has commandeered a surfing board. His aim, to ride and control this overwhelming force, while disseminating information concerning what is to come. In order to prepare for this task it was imperative that Ciph let go of all personal limitations. Boundaries have no place, nor does the speech of skeptical naysayers, when securing reigns to control the essence of the, "Untitled Wave".

With guest appearances from K. Gaines and DJ M-TRI (Sleepwalkas), TopDollaRaz, Cavalier, MC KSwift, Kalae AllDay, Charlotte Mishell, Homeboy Sandman, Likwuid Styles and TheSistah.

Producers include 2 Hungry Bros., Thinker, Doug Simpson (Iron Horse Music Group) and Coole High.

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