Keep Snoozin
Artist: Coole High
Label: ReddOktoba Productions, Inc.
Released: Apr 21, 2015
Total Length: 03:56
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Ok, so about this single: Well, let me explain the concept of "Clouded Visionary". Every once in a while, there are moments when I doubt myself and my vision is clouded either by someone or something, even if it's by my own doing. No one is perfect and I am fully aware of that. Many years ago, I became very familiar with "snooze buttons" on alarm clocks, to the point that it's usage resulted in missed opportunities. SUCKED EACH TIME! This song is somewhat of an inspiration to get some much needed sleep, but to keep in mind to always stay motivated, in a way. Kinda like a reverse psychology song. Clouded Visionary will contain songs of that nature and this is just one of them. Produced by Thinker of the Bronx, NYC, it may soothe you to the point of throwing that alarm clock away!!!

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